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Week 5 - Day 4

Read James 2:20-24.

1. What person does James use first to illustrate his point? What works does he cite as proof of his faith?

2. Read the story of Abraham and Isaac in Gen. 22:1-14 and then the New Testament commentary on it in Heb. 11:17-19. Write down how you see Abraham’s faith.

Stronger Jeans (optional): Read your commentaries on Hebrews 11:17-19.

3. In Rom. 4:1-5 Paul also discusses Abraham’s faith. These verses refer back to Gen. 15:1-6. Read both of these passages. Again, Paul seems to contradict James. What are your thoughts about the problem at this point? You may want to review what you wrote down when you did Days 1-3 lessons. Take time to ask God to help you understand how the two are not contradictory. We’ll continue looking at it tomorrow also.

4. Read these passages written by Paul, and write down how these parallel rather than sound contradictory to what James says:
a. Rom. 1:5
b. Gal. 5:6

5. Sharing Question: What has changed in your life since you were rescued from death that shows your faith to others?

6. Responding to God: Write down a prayer that expresses your desire to show your faith to other people. How should you respond to God’s great gift?


Anonymous said...

My reactions to major stressors have changed and my family has noticed it. And it's all because of applying faith either through obedience or demonstrating love.

Twisting His Arm said...

I love a lot deeper now. I am also trying to be a GOOD person. With the world's standards, I am a pretty good person already but I want to be a good person with God's standards.