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Week 5 - Day 5

Read James 2:20-26.

1. Rahab is the second person that James uses to prove that faith works out in action. Read her story in Joshua 2:1-16, and write down how you see her faith.

2. Read Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount in Mt. 7:21-27. How do they relate to James 2:14-26?

Stronger Jeans (optional): Read your commentaries on Mt. 7:21-27 and write down any insights that help you better understand this passage.

3. How do these verses help you understand how faith and works relate?
a. Eph. 2:8-10
b. 1 Thess. 1:2-3
c. Titus 2:14

As you think about how James relates to Paul, perhaps Moo’s comments will help:

Critical to understanding the argument of the section and integrating it successfully into a broader biblical perspective is the recognition that James is not arguing that works must be added to faith. His point, rather, is that genuine biblical faith will inevitably be characterized by works. Trying to add works to a bogus faith is an exercise in futility, for only by “accepting the implanted word” (1:21) and experiencing the inner transformation that it brings can one produce works pleasing to God.

Alexander Ross also comments, saying that Paul and James “are not antagonists facing each other with crossed swords; they stand back to back, confronting different foes of the Gospel.”

4. Think about what “foe of the gospel” James confronts as you go back through James 2:14-26. Write down an explanation of this Bible passage as if you had to explain it to someone who had never studied it.

5. Sharing Question: If you have been rescued, accepting God’s merciful gift of salvation through faith in Jesus, share a short version of your journey to true faith. If you have not, consider what is keeping you from that kind of faith.

6. Responding to God: If you have been rescued by God and brought into life, spend your prayer time thanking Him for that gift. If you have never come into life by believing on Jesus, realize that faith is a journey. Talk to God about where you are and ask Him to move you forward on that path. Talk to your small group leader about your journey. Ask her to pray for your understanding and faith.


jjdsc said...

It was easy to do works of the flesh growing up in church. It was only after I experienced God's mercy and love in a personal way that my faith in Him was established and strengthened.

Twisting His Arm said...

I became a Christian at age 14 but got off the 'journey' after highschool. I started back on the journey 5 years ago at age 25. Everytime I meet goals in my journey God gives me some new goals to work on. The stuff I am working on right now would have totally seemed impossible 5 years ago. I hope to be working on a new set of goals 5 years from now that would totally seem insane to me right now!