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Week 6 - Day 2

Reread James 3:1-6.

1. What is James point about the tongue in vv. 2-5? Explain how the three illustrations relate to his point.

2. Which of the three illustrations helps you best understand his point? How did that one illustration help?

3. James emphasizes the power of words in v. 6. Summarize his message in your own words.

4. Read Gal. 5:19-21, where Paul lists works of the flesh, in contrast to the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). Which of the works relate to our words? How?

Stronger Jeans (optional): Research horses and bits or ships and rudders to see what you learn about them that helps you understand these illustrations better.

5. Sharing Question: Give an example in your own life, without sharing names or identities, of a time when someone’s words impacted you in the way described in James 3:6.

6. Responding to God: Write a prayer for God to help you control your tongue so that you do not do what is described in 3:6.


Twisting His Arm said...

It really depends on the person saying negative things to me that makes the difference. I normally wouldn't care if a total stranger said something horrible about me but if a family member says something cruel I am totally crushed. Thankfully with family, we noramlly forgive and forget very easily!

Kara said...

I still remember the things kids in school said that just hurt my feelings so bad. I think these stand out more than any because thats when you are trying to find where you fit in, and find yourself. So you are more vulnerable to getting your feelings hurt, and actually caring about what all the other kids thought about you. I let what other people thought and said about me affect me way to much in high school, I think the hurt I felt really chaged me back then. Luckily now I'm growing into my own person and day by day I'm letting go of all the hard times, hurt feelings, and just plain ugliness of the way it was back then.
Thank You Lord for helping me find way back!

Anonymous said...

I can remember the instances when words of others have hurt me and I have learned to forgive them. What's more difficult for me is remembering the words I have used in the past to hurt others especially my family members growing up. I have felt a lot of guilt using hurtful, angry words to control in the past. I have since asked forgiveness from those family members but having studied about the power of the tongue again just really hits close to home.

Sohl Gal said...

I can remember nearly every hurtful thing ever said to me. My confidence and strength were broken so early on in school, and I was too afraid to try many things I think I'd have enjoyed. Now, God's convicted me that my fear is limiting His plan.

I'm making a daily effort to focus on the good things people say to me, and remembering that those things are God-inspired, with intentions to lift me up, encourage me forward, and keep me working on His path.

learning every day said...

Something jjdsc said helped to make some sense to me. You used an example of controlling through the tongue. That is helpful to me, because I can see that many hurts I have experienced especially in family, or even close friend settings have had this motivation. I was so hurt and sometimes stunned at the time that I couldn't see it. As a child I experience this quite alot, and being sensitive made it more painful. From teacher's, and other kids moving from school to school. Having to prove myself every year or so in a brand new setting. But, I am stronger for it, and all of us have something. I pray that God will help me to build people up, and I just ask forgiveness when I sin, I just hate hurting people's feelings. I think we all do.
Thank's jjdsc, because I will be more wise in my reactions, especially when I am praying and spending the time with God I need to.