We are taking a break for the summer until futher notice.

Week 6 - Day 3

Read James 3:1-12.

Today we will focus on vv. 7-12.

1. What contrast does James use to make his point in vv. 7-8? What is the point?

2. What example of the misuse of words does James give in vv. 9-10? Why are these two utterances incompatible in light of vv. 11-12? (I hope you are working on learning James 3:10!)

3. Compare Jesus’ words in Mt. 12:33-37 with what James says in this passage on the tongue (3:1-12). Write down your insights.

4. What do you learn from Jesus in Mt. 5:21-26 about the seriousness of your words and about dealing with the sins of the tongue?

Stronger Jeans (optional): How does John 17 relate to this issue of our words against our fellow believers?

5. Sharing Question: Now, let’s tell the truth here! Have you ever been guilty, as I have, of somehow “cursing” someone and then coming to church and blessing God? How guilty did you feel? Write down some part of that story to share with your group. What should you have done differently in light of the Matthew passage you just read?

6. Responding to God: Spend time before God, asking Him to show you if there is anyone in your life to whom you need to confess your sin of “cursing” them before you come worship! Believe that God does forgive but He asks you to act to restore the relationship first. Write down your response to Him.


Twisting His Arm said...

When I feel I have been wronged by a person, I feel justified to 'vent' my anger and hurt feelings to a close friend or to family. The only problem is that 'venting' can soon become 'cursing'. I need to make sure I don't cross that line. I also need to understand that miscommunication was probably involved.

jjdsc said...

When I was younger, I have "cursed" someone and gone to church to praise God. The church that we have been attending has communion every Sunday and it never fails to convict me so I ask forgiveness and renewal and by the time church is over, I start with a clean slate.

It's very powerful.

Kara said...

I am the worlds worst on saying things hurtful, especially if someone (husband) has made me mad. I just automatically say things that hurt so bad. This is a big issue I've been working on, the cursing I've improved on tremendously, but I still have a slip up every now and then, and right then I stop what I'm doing and ask God's forgiveness. Have yall seen the cell phone commercials where the child is arguing with the parents, but instead of hurtful words it's all good things that are being said. Now if we could all just learn to argue like that!!

Sohl Gal said...

Sometimes I'm guilty of saying unkind things about someone when they've hurt me, but then being kind to them later. I know the right thing to do is to take my feelings to them directly so that the situation doesn't continue, but I'm fearful of the situation that brings. This passage convicted me about this, and I am committing to either leaving my feelings at the cross, or if the situation warrants, discussing the situation with the other person so they have a chance to help me learn.