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Week 7 - Day 3 and 4 (Continued)

Review James 3:13-18.

1. What do you learn about true godly wisdom from the following verses? How do they relate to this passage in James?
a. Prov. 9:10
b. Prov. 3:13-18

2. How does Rom. 12:3 help you better understand the characteristic in James 3:17 translated “accommodating” (NET), “submissive” (NIV), “reasonable” (NASB) or “willing to yield” (NKJV)?

3. What do these verses reveal about mercy (v. 17)?
a. Psalm 103:8
b. Eph. 2:4
c. Mt. 23:23

4. I entitled this lesson “faith that brings peace”. How does James 3:13-18 relate to peace?

5. Sharing Question: Chances are that most of us are currently seeking guidance about something going on in our lives. Think of one thing for which you need guidance; make a list of possible courses of action. Then, compare that list to the characteristics and outcomes of the two kinds of wisdom. Does this point you to a specific direction? How?

6. Responding to God: Write a prayer or poem to God, thanking Him for the greatness of His wisdom. Use this passage and go through the characteristics one by one as you talk to Him.

Before we leave our focus on God’s wisdom versus the world’s wisdom, I want you to read the story of a woman who forsook God’s wisdom and was almost destroyed by it; however, in God’s grace and mercy He continues to call her back to her love for Him and to His wisdom. Her story reminds us all that although God totally forgives us for turning away from His best for us, we may still have to deal with the consequences.

Mary’s story
You never thought it could happen to you!! Well folks it does happen and usually at the wrong times. I was once a happy person. I loved life, family, God and friends. But something along the path of life changed that for me drastically. I cannot say this is a happy tale or will have a happy ending. But I can say that God is working overtime on my shriveled up soul.

The trouble all began this year about 6 months ago. I sought a path that led me to a dark period in my life. We will call it the rebellion of God’s wisdom. I am an at home mother and spend most of my days home bored to tears with housework and raising my son. I soon discovered online computer games and chat rooms. Well over time I had consumed my days with “entertaining” myself rather than being a mom and wife. I had made friends online and spent as much time “talking” to them as I could. I found tremendous joy in sharing my life with them. I had meaning and felt important to others, and soon discovered that I no longer felt lonely during the day but I did not see the consequences that were developing in my real life.

During all this time my house and family suffered for I ignored them and spent every moment I could spare filling my void with worldly attention and wisdom. Things such as you are beautiful, you owe it to yourself, it is ok to flirt with other men, its just a game it is not real were drilled into my heart. These things began to rot my soul. I tried to make it real since my loneliness in the real world was growing phenomenally. I resented my husband for not talking to me like I wanted and I began to shut him and my son out of my life. I felt miserable, not realizing it was because I was causing it. I sought solace in my “friends” online. I became depressed, angry, bitter, and hateful. I wanted out of the marriage so I could live my own life like I wanted to away from God and family. I ignored all the red flags that God was sending my way. I blamed God and my family for my feelings. Satan sure loved having his way with me during this time.

Our last study was hard to take for me because every lesson was saying the same thing over and over and over again. STOP what you are doing and anchor yourself in ME!!! Well I blatantly told God NO! I don’t want to quit this! I feel happy when I am doing these things. But in my heart I knew I was wrong. Loudly he kept calling me to Him to return to his word and seek him for love and acceptance. Six months later still ignoring his call and wrapped in sin I realized something must be done. I was so willing to give up on everything and completely ruin my life.

Still ignoring God, I sought to have my husband fill the void. I confronted him on the issues that I was facing. I wanted to love him like I loved my online friends. I knew I had hurt him and that loving me would be a huge sacrifice for him. We were tired of living two different lives and trying to act like nothing was wrong. I was still trying to fill my life with something worldly though. I realized that even my beloved, kind wonderful husband cannot fill what I am missing no matter how hard he tries.

So this brings us to the present day experiences I am facing. I now realize that God’s wisdom is pure, good and does not place chains on you and that worldly wisdom binds you to a fate that tears you apart. I know this in my head but had purged it from my heart. So I have to fight very hard to reverse this process of lies and deceit that the world has placed upon me. I still find myself drawn to sin because lets face it sin is fun and easy…but it is also destructive. Doing the right thing is incredibly hard but in the end it will be worth everything.

For now the war rages on but I now have rediscovered my shield against the swords and daggers assaulting me. The word of God and his Spirit guards my very soul. Pray for me and my family as I enter into battle against Satan with Jesus and his Father by my side and His word leading me on the right paths.

Note from Kay: If you, like Mary, have followed the world’s wisdom and now find yourself having a hard time leaving where it has taken you, find support from other believers. God has designed us to find support from one another when we are weak. Despite the fear of rejection that you may have as you think about sharing your situation, you must trust God for other women who will continue to love you and pray for your best. I so appreciate the courage it took for this woman to share her story!


Twisting His Arm said...

Today was a great lesson. Next time I experience jealousy or selfishness, I will remind myself that I am being unwise and out of God's will. This will especially help me in my relationship with my hubby!

Sohl Gal said...

It's difficult to shut out those voices telling me that I deserve this or I've earned that. I hear God's voice telling me He'll give me anything I need, and that the temptations are just that. He'll give me the words to say, He'll give me the ways to spend my time, He'll show me the people to talk to, and tell me when the time is right. I have to stop relying on myself and my own "wisdom," and step out in faith, knowing He'll guide me better than I ever have guided myself.

jjdsc said...

The exercise of making a list of possible courses of action then comparing the list to the characteristics and outcomes of the two kinds of wisdom was very practical for me. I'm seeking guidance over something right now and this list just makes it more plain for me.