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Week 7 - Day 5

Read James 4:1-3.

Moo's perspective is that the entire section of 3:13-4:12 is connected to peace.

Stronger Jeans (optional): Look in any commentaries that you have. Do you feel this entire section 3:13-4:12 is connected to peace? Do you see something else?

1. If this is one topic relating to peace, as Moo says, how do you see 4:1-3 connect to the preceding paragraph in 3:13-18?

2. What is the origin of conflict according to 4:1? (Although he focuses on conflict within the church, the same principle applies to other conflicts.)

3. What are the two causes why these believers didn’t have what they desired (vv. 2-3)? What does Mt. 6:9-10 add to your understanding of why a prayer may not be answered?

4. Sharing Question: I know that many of you have been part of a church where conflict arose, perhaps within the entire church or within one ministry area or even a small group. Without giving a lot of information about it and certainly no names, what passions or desires contributed to it? Can you see any selfish desires behind some of what happened? What feelings did you have in the midst of this situation?

5. Sharing Question: What desire do you have right now that is not being fulfilled. Review question #25. Do any of these causes fit your situation? Consider Mt. 7:7-12 and share with your group what you need to do next.

6. Responding to God: Confess any lack of prayer or selfish desires that God has shown you. How should you pray about the situation in light of what you have seen today?

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Twisting His Arm said...

I was a member of a church in my early 20's where I really began to turn my life around. The senior pastor was awesome and I greatly admired him. 2 months after I moved to a new city, I was informed the senior pastor left the church because he had an affair on his wife. I was completely devastated! This man did an amazing relationship series every year. If he couldn’t make a marriage work then who could? I came to terms with the incident and accepted my responsibility in its affect on me: I had put the senior pastor on a pedestal. I now know that ALL persons are imperfect and have potential sin in them. I should never put any person above another.