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(10-01-07) Prayer 1 - Abraham’s Prayer for Sodom

Gen. 18:20-33

Sodom was a city of wickedness, and God had decided to destroy all who lived there. Abraham’s prayer on behalf of such a degenerate place reveals some important aspects of prayer.

As with any Bible passage, it also leaves us with unanswered questions, “Why did God allow Abraham to push him for pardon?” “Would God have really spared the wicked, if just 10 good men could be found?” “How do we reconcile the biblical teaching of God’s love and mercy, with the reality of God’s justice and wrath?” Many questions are never answered directly, rather, they are left for us to deal with by faith.

What Can We Learn?
1. Prayer recognizes God’s throne primarily as a source of grace (Heb. 4:16)

2. The appropriate attitude by which to approach God in prayer is one of humility (1 Pet 5:6)

3. Facing a God of justice and wrath, Abraham showed he had one privilege; he could pray for Sodom.

4. Abraham shows the power of intercessory prayer.

More About Prayer for Doubts
1. Intercession for others is an act of benevolence of one person toward another, without demanding that the one being prayed for deserve the prayer.

2. Intercessory prayer demonstrates the importance of good people in the world.

3. Intercession calls upon the goodness and kindness of God, tapping into his love, mercy and grace.

4. Intercession for others only happens when one bears a burden for those prayed for.

Questions to Ponder
1. Why did Abraham not just ask God to save the city if 10 righteous men could be found to start with?

2. Why did Abraham’s request stop at 10?

3. In what way might we follow Abraham’s example of prayer today?

4. If you were to pray for others, what kind of things would you pray for?

5. List some things which you will pray about specifically regarding our community?


DA Wagners said...

What struck me most about today's Bible reading was God's grace. I've thrown that word around many times, but it is not until this moment that I've comprehended the fullness and the awesomeness of God's grace. We are imperfect creatures who are capable of messing up everything that is beautiful in the world. We hurt people with our words, we condemn ourselves for our mistakes, we focus so much on the bad that we create. Oh! But there is GRACE. I am so honored and humbled to be able to tap into that resource . . . GRACE! Thank you father for covering my flaws, my sins and my ugliness with your GRACE. I am a new creature in Christ, and I will focus on all that is beautiful.

Twisting his arm said...

5. List some things which you will pray about specifically regarding our community?

Last night I took my son to the Edinburg Children's Hospital for a 104 degree fever. In the ER they were playing extremely sexually explicit videos. One of the videos actually showed a half naked female holding a half naked man in bondage and he was wearing lipstick and a female wig! I couldn't believe my eyes! Also, the music was so load, I couldn't get away from it. When did it become acceptable to show sex at a children's hospital!?! I am praying for my community regarding its tolerance of showing inappropriate sexual images to our children. I am also taking action. I have already spoken to the ER Director and I am currently writing a letter to the hospital CEO. I am also thinking about the local newspaper.

Latoya said...

The biggest thing that struck me about this study was Abraham's ability to commune with God like that. I long for the day that I can hear God speaking clearly to me. What joy it must have been to know that God would take the time to stop what He was doing to talk to you. Father, draw me closer to you than Abraham, that I may commune with You as Your child and You as my Father, Amen.