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(Friday, 10-12-07) Prayer 10 - Moses' 40 Day Prayer

Deuteronomy 9:18-29

Deuteronomy contains a series of speeches given by Moses to Israel, and in many ways is a summary of the history of this wandering band of God’s people.

In this section, Moses reminded them of the national sin at Sinai when they bowed to a golden calf and rebelled against God.

Moses himself, reveals something about his own prayer life and effort at communicating with God on behalf of his people.

It is another example of prayer that will challenge and encourage us today. Prayer is serious business! Behind it lies the foundation of a deep faith in the one to whom we pray.

What Can We Learn?
1. Moses’ prayer seems to be motivated by two things he knew about God:
A. He understood how much God hated sin, and
B. He understood God was a God of grace and mercy.

2. Moses’ boldness in prayer is not based on some brash confidence in himself, rather it is based on something about God — God’s loving-kindness and faithfulness to his promises.

3. 40 days is a long time to fast and pray. What other Bible character can you think of who did something similar?

4. This is a prayer of sorrow and penitence on behalf of his people. It is motivated by serious attention to sin. This is an attitude often lacking, not only in the Israelites, but in Christians today.

5. Before an appeal can be made for God’s grace and mercy, one must realize the awful problem of sin.

Questions to Ponder
1. Why was it important that the people understand that it wasn’t by their goodness or power that they finally entered the Promised Land, but that it was through God’s power and righteousness?

2. Why did Moses repeatedly tell the people what bad people they had been?

3. What thoughts are generated by Moses’ statements that he had “prayed for Aaron,” and that he prayed to the Lord, “. . . do not destroy Your people?”

4. 9:25 reveals why Moses prayed 40 days. Why do you think it took such a lengthy prayer?

5. Why is the statement of 9:29 so important to Moses’ prayer? Does God need to be reminded, or is there another purpose in those words?

6. What picture of God is being drawn through the prayers of Moses?

7. Can you list at least three ways that Moses’ prayers help us to pray?


Twisting his arm said...

I really want to work towards having a prayer life like Moses.

DA Wagners said...
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DA Wagners said...

I see God's wrath in this prayer. Sometimes we take God for granted and we disrespect Him by not taken Him seriously or not trusting Him. I've been guilty of this several times. God led me to the book of Daniel, and there I saw an image of God that I will never forget. God was so bright and awesome that Daniel was blinded and all his strength left him. Daniel couldn't even speak due to the greatness of God. I want to behold God like that. He is awesome; and even though I can't see Him, I can see the greatness of His creation and know that He is all-powerful, all-mighty and all-wonderful.