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(Tuesday, 10-09-07) Prayer 7 - Moses’ Prayer for God's Presence

Exodus 33:12 – 34:9

Following the incident with the golden calf, God remained angry with the Israelites. He no longer remained in their midst, for the people were obstinate and God warned that he may destroy them.

To demonstrate God’s distance from the people, Moses erected a tent of meeting outside the camp, and it was there that he would meet with God and God would speak to him. The people, aware of this distancing by God, mourned.

When God told Moses to continue leading the people to the Promised Land, Moses prayed for his presence among the people.

What Can We Learn?
1. We can see in God’s unwillingness to be present in the midst of the people, an example of His reaction to sin.

2. God’s willingness to continue meeting with Moses demonstrates the fact that He always leaves an opening to appeal to Him, and to seek His will.

3. The idea of a “tent of meeting” will grow in importance as time goes on, with the temple itself becoming known as a “house of prayer,” or a place where the people would meet with the presence of God.

4. Prayer is very much a matter of man coming into the presence of God.

5. A main ingredient to Moses’ prayer was that he might know God.

6. A second main ingredient was that only by God’s presence could people know that Moses was approved, or that the people could be distinguished from all others.

7. In showing himself f to Moses, note the qualities God emphasized about Himself (re: Ex. 34:6 -7)

More About Prayer for God’s Presence
1. The lack of God’s presence is symbolic of God’s rejection of sin and rebellion by man.

2. Seeking God (Heb. 11:6) is the first step of faith for those who want to know, understand, and follow God.

3. You cannot pray if you have no access to God.

4. Those who flee from God’s presence cheat themselves out of access to God in the most difficult times.

5. It is not distance that God desires, but fellowship.

Questions to Ponder
1 Why do you think people feel that God is not near?

2. What kind of things might create distance between us and God?

3. How does a Christian know that God is willing to listen to his/her prayers, regardless of life’s circumstances?

4. Is there a way to avoid any distance between us and God?


Carol M said...

I find that when I feel any distance from God it is usually my falut not His. I am the one that doesn't get in the Word or have a quiet time. When that happens I feel a definite void in my life. That void disappears when I spend time with Him. I believe He is always there waiting. What an awsome God we have.

Twisting his arm said...

I was struck by the statement:

Prayer is very much a matter of man coming into the presence of God.

I need to remember that I am in the presence of God when I pray. I should picture in my mind that I am talking to Him face to face so I won't rush through the prayer or do it half-heartedly.