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(Wednesday, 10-10-07) Prayer 8 - Moses' Prayer of Discouragement

Numbers 11:1—30

Israel had been at Sinai long enough, and God commanded them to move out. They packed the tabernacle and it went before them. The people were now organized, and their leaders had been appointed. God had shown them his care in numerous ways. He had fed them with manna which came with the dew each night. Now, as the camp moved forward, it was toward the promissed land. All was not perfect, however. Though they had traveled only three days into the wilderness, the people complained. They despised the manna, and missed the fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic of Egypt. They could not see their future for their present.

What Can We Learn?
1. Moses is not alone is praying for God to take his life (cf. Job 6:8; 1 Kings 19:4; Jonah 4:3)

2. Sometimes we ignore or discount the burden of responsibility and the discouragement that can occur even in the lives of leaders.

3. Moses’ discouragement was triggered by the people’s inability to be satisfied with God’s promises.

4. What do you suppose the people had to forget in order to remember fish, melons, leeks, onions, etc.?

More About Prayer for Discouragement
1. Discouragement can occur rather quickly.

2. Note the rather direct way Moses spoke to God, and the conciliatory manner in which God dealt with Moses.

3. One relief for Moses was in delegating responsibility to others.

Questions to Ponder
1. Why do you suppose the people complained after only three days travel into the wilderness?

2. If the people desired to return to Egypt, do you think Moses ever thought about returning to being a shepherd?

3. Why did God get angry at the people for complaining, but apparently didn’t get angry with Moses for complaining about the people?

4. What point do you think God was making when he sent the quail into the camp to satisfy their hunger for meat?

5. What kind of things discourages you?

6. How do you express those discouragements to God?

7. What does Moses’ boldness before God tell us about the relationship between them?

8. How does God help you overcome your discouragements?

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