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(Friday 03/28/08) Deborah - Day 5

1. Read Judges 5:1-31 in one sitting and mark significant phrases about the goodness of God. Write the references here:

2. Read Judges 5:13-18. Who came to the aid of Barak and Deborah? Who did not? Who risked the most?

3. What natural force did God use to fight this battle? (vv.20-23)

4. How does Judges 5:24-27 confirm Deborah's words in 4:9?

5. Read Judges 5:28-30. Why do you suppose this reference to Sisera's mother was placed here?

6. Read the concluding verse of this song (v.31), and describe the blessing stated for the bravery, boldness, and courage of Deborah, Barak, Jael, and the people of Israel.

This song is one of the oldest in the Bible, and it is treasured by the nation of Israel to this day. It was common in Israel to write poetic songs about historical events. Then at gathering places, such as the city gate or the watering place, people would recite these songs to remember the deeds of the LORD.

This song can be divided into the following sections:
a. Praise and worship (vv.2-5)
b. Condition of Israel (vv.6-9)
c. Exhortation to the nation to act in accord with the past (vv.10-11a)
d. People's appeal to Deborah (vv.11b-12)
e. Warriors gathered (vv.13-18)
f. The battle (vv.19-23)
g.The detailed triumph of Jael over Sisera (vv.24-27)
h. Anxious waiting of Sisera's mother (vv.28-30)
i. God's victory and praise (vv.31)


1. God's power is evident in the history of man. How have you seen God's power move in the lives of people this year?

2. God deserves all the glory! How do you honor God in your life each day? You have victory over so much because of Christ. Are you praising Him enough?

3. Remembering God's victories yields faith. How has your faith been strengthened through a battle you've gone through lately?


By all accounts, the situation for the children of Israel looked hopeless. The army of the enemy was far superior to Israel's. The chariots, horses, men, and tactical strategies were in place. However, God, who is the author of all things and the supreme power over everything, had a plan for His little flock. He chose Barak, a man who was afraid and without hope. He determined that strength would come through the prophetess Deborah. God went before Israel and secured the victory over their formidable enemy.

The nation of Israel is not that dissimilar to the Christian community today. Though we appear small and without power in the world, we too have a mighty God who holds all power in His righteous right hand. He goes before His people. We need not be afraid of any enemy, even one that looks bigger and stronger than us. Barak had lost trust in his God. It was Deborah who remembered God and was used to restore the nation. She knew she could trust God, and that He indeed would go before them in the battle. May we be like Deborah, bold and determined with our eyes on the God of creation. May we have the faith and the boldness to stand when God calls us onto the battlefield of life!


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