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(Thursday 03/27/08) Deborah - Day 4

1. From Judges 4:17, why do you think Sisera had to flee on foot? (Read Judg. 5:19-23 and Psa. 83:9 to see how God worked in the battle.)

2. Where did Sisera happen to end up? Why was he received into that household?

3. What took place in Judges 4:18-21?

4. How would you describe Jael?

5. Read Judges 4:22-24. What was the outcome of this battle, and who gave Israel the victory?

The story of Jael and Heber is an interesting one. It appears that Heber was related to Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, yet Heber apparently had moved from the Israelite community into the enemy camp of the Canaanites. The Kenites were known for their metalworks. It is likely that Heber was employed in Jabin's army. Thus his allegiance was probably to Sisera, which explains why he was not home when Sisera arrived. On the other hand, it seems that Jael was loyal to the Israelites. She is an example of another woman who was bold in her faith and actions.


1. God can use anyone, anytime, in any place for His purposes. What assignment might God have for you today as His "soldier"?

2. God's power is victorious over our enemies. How do you fight spiritual battles--in the power and Word of Christ or in your own strength?

3. God is the victor! He can demonstrate His victory over your problems. Will you turn to Him today?

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