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(Tuesday 03/11/08) The Daughters of Zelophehad / Two Mothers of Solomon's Time - Day 2

1. Read Numbers 27:5-11. Was it God's will for these brave daughters of Zelophehad to plead their case regarding a name and inheritance for their family?

2. Explain the details of the transfer of inheritance that God instructed Moses to enact. (vv.8-11)

3. What kind of ordinance was established? (v.11)

4. Read Numbers 36:1-9, and explain the requirements for marriage for Zelophehad's daughters.

5. How was the inheritance a protection for these women?

6. Did these daughters obey what they were commanded? (Num. 36:10-13)

7. From this story, what can we learn about God's commands and the importance of obeying them?


1. God is the one who gives a true and lasting inheritance. He desires for everyone to choose His eternal inheritance through Christ. Where is your true inheritance? (1 Pet. 1:3-4)

2. God blesses those who follow Him. What blessings have you enjoyed because you followed God and obeyed Him, in His ordinance for marriage or another area of your life?

3. God's Word is truth, and with obedience comes blessing. What have you learned from these daughters about boldness, inheritance, and blessing?


Web Bible Babes said...

One blessing I have received since I began to really follow God is peace. Even through trials I am more at peace.

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