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(Wednesday 03/12/08) The Daughters of Zelophehad / Two Mothers of Solomon's Time - Day 3

1. What happened in Joshua 17:1-6?

2. Imagine you are a woman living in a land where only men are recognized as landowners. You are an only child. Being a woman, you have limited options. What would you do? Read the choices below, and write your thoughts.
a. Flee the country with the family inheritance.
b. Change your name and dress like a man.
c. Have your parents set up a family trust in your uncle's name, trusting him for your inheritance.
d. Pray to God for wisdom and trust Him for your needs.
e. Go to the government and fight for your rights as a woman.


1. God holds your welfare in His Hands. Have you ever chosen the wrong path after an unfair legal decision, only to end up worse off than before?

2. God will provide. Describe a time when you thought you knew best, but in the end you realized your error.

3. Trust in God, because He is faithful. When have you put your trust in man instead of God and been greatly disappointed?

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Munchkin said...

It's hard to put your all of trust in God. You know in your heart that He loves you and only wants the best for you, but many times, it's a hard concept. By nature, I am an independent person. Sometimes it is hard to relax and just trust God.