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(Tuesday 04/01/08) Abigail - Day 2

1. Read 1 Samuel 25:12-13, and describe David's response when he heard the news about Nabal.

2. In verses 14-17, who informed Abigail, and what did he say? What warning did he give in verse 17?

3. How did the servant's action in going to Abigail confirm the words of verse 3?


1. Reacting in anger leads to trouble. How do you handle insults from others? Share about a time when you reacted in anger to a negative circumstance, and it brought you harm.

2. God sends people to warn us of impending danger. Is someone warning you about something in your life today? Will you listen?

3. Goodness is recognized by those who desire honesty and kindness. How is your life reflecting God's goodness to the world today?

4. God challenges His people to consider what is right and do it. What are you being challenged to consider and act upon in your life right now?

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