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(Wednesday 04/02/08) Abigail - Day 3

1. According to 1 Samuel 25:18-20, how did Abigail respond to her servant's message?

2. What chance did Abigail have of knowing where David would attack?

3. What was David complaining about even as Abigail was on her way? (vv.21-22)

(Psa. 109:5, Prov. 17:13)

God is specific in His Word about how to deal with evil men. When Jesus walked the earth, He was a role model of goodness, love, and forgiveness even toward those who harmed Him. David reacted in unforgiveness to a situation where only God could deal the appropriate blow. (Heb. 10:30) David moved in anger toward an end that could only bring disaster, sorrow, and sin to himself and his men. God, on the other hand, wanted David to be preserved for more important things. The Lord sent Abigail, a wise and wonderful woman, to diffuse David's anger and steer his heart in the praiseworthy direction that God desired.


1. When truth is revealed to the heart of a believer, there should be a quick response of obedience. What is God revealing to you that you need to respond to quickly in obedience?

2. God knows the direction that a believer follows, and He has the power to direct our path. Have you chosen a path that is apart from God's way? What will you do about it?

3. Even the Lord's anointed had misguided ideas that could cause others to stray from God's best for their lives. When have you charged ahead in something only to realize that your flesh was in control instead of the Holy Spirit? Did God send someone to stop you?

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