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(Thursday 04/17/08) Lydia - Day 4

1. Lydia was excited about her new faith in Jesus Christ! What did she do to demonstrate her joy in Acts 16:15?

2. Lydia demonstrated boldness in her request. She said, "If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house and stay." (v.15) What does this mean to you, and how can you learn from her example?

This study of Lydia gives a wonderful glimpse into the heart of God. God knew the desire of Lydia's heart. He heard her prayers and took the initiative to coordinate the people and paths to the exact time and place of intersection so she could hear the gospel.

Paul was listening to God when the call came to go to Macedonia. Paul and his companions obeyed and arrived in Philippi. Through God's leading, they found a prayer meeting by the river because there were no synagogues in the city. There were few Jews here, which made this meeting even more significant. Lydia knew and practiced the Jewish religion. She prayed earnestly, and God heard her. This story sounds much like the ones we've studied previously about the women in the Old Testament.

3. Read Acts 16:16-39. Describe what took place before the conversion of the jailer and his family.

4. What happened when the message of salvation was shared?

5. In verses 33-34, who believed and what action did he take to demonstrate his joy and appreciation?

6. What happened in verses 35-36? What was Paul's reply in verse 37?

7. What do you suppose Lydia and the other new believers were doing during this intense time? (Acts 12:1-12)


1. With salvation comes a grateful heart for God's mercy and grace. How do you demonstrate your gratitude to God for the free gift of salvation?

2. Boldness to be blessed is motivated by God. What can you do today in boldness that will be a blessing for your family?

3. God works out His perfect timing in bringing people to Himself. How has God used you in the process of sharing the good news with someone this week?

4. God desires a joyful and grateful heart attitude in His children. How is your heart attitude right now toward God? Toward others?

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