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(Wednesday 04/16/08) Lydia - Day 3

1. How does Acts 16:14 describe Lydia's spiritual life?

2. Read Acts 10:1-2. Who else was considered a worshiper of God?

3. Did Lydia or Cornelius know the way of salvation at this point in their religious experience?

4. What happened to Lydia when she heard Paul's message? (vv.14-15)
(Rom. 6:17; Heb. 10:22)

5. The Lord opened Lydia's heart! Look up the following verses and write who opens the heart and gives understanding.

Luke 24:45:
1 John 5:20:

6. Read Acts 10 and briefly explain the rest of Cornelius' story.

7. How does Romans 10:8-13 confirm these two marvelous testimonies?

We should be thankful and humbled by the profound graciousness of God manifested through His son Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, who enables us to understand the deep thoughts of God as well as His amazing love for us. We are only dust and water, flesh and blood. Yet we are valuable to God Almighty because Jesus has redeemed us from sin and death. He gave us everything! It was His desire to grant us this marvelous gift of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ, our faithful and perfect redeemer and Lord!

1. Is more to salvation and eternal life than just being a "worshiper of God." Who do you know that "worships" God but does not believe in salvation in Jesus Christ alone?

2. God is the one who opens a person's heart to the gospel. How can God use you to share the good news of salvation with someone so God's love can open their heart?

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