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(Tuesday 04/15/08) Lydia - Day 2

1. According to Acts 16:13-14, Paul and his companions met with those gathered by the river bank and began speaking to them. Imagine you were one of these women. What response would you have had if some strange men greeted you and began to share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ?

2. How do you suppose God worked in the hearts of these women, especially Lydia, to bring about acceptance of Paul's message?

3. Describe Lydia from verse 14.

4. This true story is a picture of faith in action. From verse 13, list two steps of faith that Paul took.

5. From verse 14, write Lydia's two faith steps.

6. Describe the step of faith taken in verse 15.

Lydia was ready for the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She listened as Paul spoke words of life and light. Her heart had been cultivated by the Holy Spirit to be ready for the seed of the Word of God. (Luke 8:8) Lydia received this message by God's grace, and the continent of Europe had its first convert to the true word of life, Jesus Christ.

7. In Acts 16:15, Lydia and her whole house were baptized. Read the account of the jailer in Acts 16:22-34. He and his whole household also believed and were baptized. How do you explain this?

John 14:6:
Romans 6:23:
Romans 10:8-13:


1. God calls His people to evangelism. Who has God placed on your heart that He wants you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with?

2. Faith in Jesus Christ requires action from the heart. What action are you taking today to demonstrate your life of faith in Jesus?

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