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Thursday (05/29/08) Feeding the 4000 (+)


A. Passage Selected: Mark 8:1-10

Also in Matt 15:32

B. Progression Stated: Logical

C. Presentation Summarized:

1. Context

(Contrasts between the 5000 and the 4000)

Syrophoenecian woman’s daughter healed in Tyre. Now He’s in the Decapolis. Dealing with Gentiles.

Dietary Laws in Matthew - shows movement toward Gentiles since Israel was rejecting Him.

2. Content

a. The problem 8:1-5

(1) Of the multitudes (1-3)

No food.

(2) Of the disciples (4-5)

No faith. How could they commit the same sin twice in a row? We would never do that.

b. The solution 8:6-10

(1) The supply (6-7)

(2) The satisfaction (8-10)

Gentiles experiencing the blessings of Messiah.


*The bread of life, Jesus, is now ministering in Gentile territories as he did in Jewish territory. He is available to them as well.
*By the work of God, they can have the provision of God as well.


*Sometimes we need repeated lessons to learn the truth.
*How do you handle failure in your students or your children? Patiently teach them.
*Patience and persistence is the hallmark of ministry.
*If Jesus thanked God for provisions, shouldn’t I?
*Start with what you have. Don’t wait until you think you have enough. Move out in faith.
*If I reject God, I will be replaced by someone else.

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