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Week 3, Day 3

1. Read Genesis 30:22-24. What was Rachel's request to the LORD when her son, Joseph, was born?

2. Up until this time, what kind of relationship did the sisters have toward each other?

3. How was Rachel's response to her first child like Leah's response to her fourth child? (Gen. 29:35)

4. Read Genesis 31:1-18. What appears to be a refreshing change between Leah and Rachel in this passage? (Note the word "us.")


1. Only God can remove reproach from a person's life. (Isa. 4:1; Luke 1:25)

REPROACH (#2781) Cherpah in Hebrew. Meaning: shame, scorn, contempt. It has connotations of blaming others, of pointing the finger, a stigma. (Lexicon, p. 1728.)

What has God graciously removed from your life that was a reproach to you?

2. God can use children to soften the hardest hurts. How has a child brought you into a newness of love for God this week? (Luke 18:16; Matt. 18:3, 19:13-14)


DA Wagners said...

This may sound so ridiculous to everyone, but I used to be VERY repulsed by my freckles. I hated them, espcially the ones on my chest. I never wore anything scoop neck, v-neck or anything that showed too much upper chest area by the collar bones. I hated them. I remember wearing a dress at a wedding anniversary dinner with my hubby several years back and I was so embarresed that I had to force myself to pretend to have a good time. I did not want to ruin my husband's good time for a stupid, selfish reason! Freckles were such a stronghold. I finally realized that this is a stronghold in my life (and a ridiculous one at that) and I forced myself to wear shirts other than t-shirts! Now I look back and I can't believe how insecure I was. I'm confused how stupid things like freckles could cripple me and cause me to keep my focus on myself and off God and serving others. I just pray that other women out there who are going through this (e.g. strecthmarks, pudge, scars, face, body shape, whatever) can get over it. Our bodies will NEVER be perfect, and who wants to be perfect?

Christina said...

2. God can use children to soften the hardest hurts. How has a child brought you into a newness of love for God this week?

I could write forever on how my son has brought me closer to God. Having Noah has brought a level of love in my life that I have never felt before. I praise God all the time for allowing me to raise Noah and be his mommy. I also pray a lot more for protection and wisdom. I also notice that I am a lot calmer than I was before, crazy I know, but I don't sweat the small stuff as much as I used to (if I exercised today, if that person is mad at me, do these shoes match my outfit, whatever). For the most part, I am too busy playing with my beautiful son and praising God to worry about the small, insignificant stuff. Also, the love I have for my son has made my love for others increase. It has just been an all around amazing experience that I hope to go through again in the near future (with a girl). :-)

Anonymous said...

After my last miscarriage, I found a HUGE new love for God. While some people may ask God why? I was thanking Him for the one beautiful son i do have! I have a friend that lost 2 children to SIDS back to back (13 mos. and 9 mos.). My miscarriage seemed so small compared to what she went through. I was so appreciative of the time God has given me with my son. God so used my son to help me get through that time. Just this morning my son was looking at some scars on my tummy and kissed them all saying "Owwies all better mommy?" I love it!

Janel said...

When my spirits about how I appear get down, it never fails that my son will say something to remind me of what's really important. Whether it's him reminding me, "God loves me, Jesus loves you," or it's him telling me that I am beautiful, or him telling me he loves me, it makes think of how silly and shallow I'm being.

Anonymous said...

Janel, you are so blessed!
As I have become older, I have discovered that I have less remorse about things in my past and more acceptance of them instead. I concur with Christina that God can expand out hearts through the children in our lives. When I visit my grandbabies, I am reminded of the incredible love God gave me for my children. I sometimes cry when I hold them (when no one is looking) and I always cry when I leave them to go back to KY. My tears are caused by my heart burting with love. There is nothing I would not do to help or protect my family and I start with praying for GOD'S protection every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.