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(Wednesday 03/26/08) Deborah - Day 3

1. Read Judges 4:11, and explain why this brief paragraph was placed here in the text. (You will need to read the rest of the chapter to see why this becomes significant.)

2. In Judges 4:12-13, what did Sisera do?

The battle lines were drawn. Barak and his ten thousand men from the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali were camped at Mount Tabor. The Israelites had no metalworks; they were simple people with outdated weaponry. On the other hand, Sisera, the captain of the army of King Jabin, was equipped with the most modern of military weapons. He had 900 iron chariots, which must have been a formidable sight to Barak and his men. Sisera and his army camped in the valley area near the river. This was perfect for the fulfillment of God's plan for the battle.

3. From Judges 4:14, write the command that Deborah gave to Barak.

4. Describe the battle from Judges 4:14-16. What happened to Sisera's army?


1. The weapons of man look fearful from a human perspective. What are you afraid of? Are you armored for spiritual battle today? (Eph. 6:10-18)

2. God's strategy is far better than man's. Do you equip yourself for battle daily by reading God's strategy for strength and wisdom, the Bible?

3. God goes before His people in all their battles. Do you try to fight your own battles, or do you surrender them to the greatest warrior of all, Jesus Christ our Savior? Ask Him to fight for you today.

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