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(Tuesday 03/25/08) Deborah - Day 2

1. In Judges 4:1-3, what happened in Israel again?

2. Describe who held Israel captive.

3. From Judges 4:4-5, who was Deborah and what did she do?

In Hebrew Deborah means "bee." She was the only judge who was also a prophetess. She demonstrated her ability to prophesy in verses 6, 9, and 14 of chapter 4. These verses indicate her willingness to obey God and do what was required of her.

4. Read Judges 4:6-7. What was the battle plan that the Lord revealed to Deborah? Who did she call to carry out God's command?

5. How did Barak respond in Judges 4:8? Why do you think he said this? (1:19; 3:1-2)

6. How did Deborah answer Barak's request, and what did she say about who would get the honor in the coming victory? (4:9-10)

Barak means "thunderbolt" in Hebrew. During this time there was no one in Israel who was bold enough to fight the enemies of the LORD. The men were not courageous. Barak is representative of all the men of that day. They didn't trust in the LORD, so God called a woman to demonstrate His power and restore the nation. Remember that Barak is listed with the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11:32. It was to his credit that he went into a seemingly hopeless battle against a formidable enemy. God honored his faith and obedient actions.


1. God knows the heart; He will use anyone who is willing. What does God see in your heart today that can be used to serve Him?

2. Honor comes to those who are faithful. How are you faithfully honoring God in your life today?

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